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The joy on Dr. U. K. Mishra's face knew no bounds when Ashish Kumar, a
trainee of National Sports Academy, Allahabad fetched the country its first
medal in gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games....

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Dr. U. K. Mishra

Founder of National Sports Academy, Khelgaon, Allahabad

Dr. U. K. Mishra has been working selflessly for the past 56 years for the development of....

  • The Little Gymnasts of KPS

    It’s 4:30 a.m. Their first words in the morning are not “Mummy! Let me sleep for just 5 more minutes” They do not put their Alarm on Snooze and bundle-up in their comforters to get that elusive sleep. Instead, they wake up with, if not before, the First Bell of the Hostel and speak out “Jai Hind Sir” in the most energetic tone, get ready within 10 minutes wearing their matching Track Suits and set off to train for 3 hours. That is followed by their regular Schooling at KPS from 8a.m. to 2p.m. After a quick Lunch and briefing with their Seniors, they begin their Evening Training from 4p.m. for another 3 hours, finish their Dinner by 8p.m. and Study for 2 hours before going to bed. And this is their daily discipline, Winters, Summers, Monsoons immaterial ....

  • D. K. Rathore

    Sports Authority of India (Coach)

    The joy in Dr. U. K. Mishra's voice was unmistakable after Ashish Kumar, a trainee of the National Sports Academy, Allahabad, fetched the country its first medal in gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games by winning the bronze in floor exercises floor exercises, at the Asian Gymnastics championships.

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