Founder's Message

Dr. U.K. Mishra has been working selflessly for the past 56 years for the development of the country’s sports in synergy with education. He was a keen sportsman right from his childhood. Dr. Mishra’s passion for sports started with athletics way back in 1956, which ultimately led him to take up gymnastics from 1961.

As a selfless social service crusader for the development of sports Dr. Mishra initiated the campaign from Khelgaon, Allahabad to develop gymnastics from zero to the international medal winning position. He helped all gymnasts irrespective of their age, cast, creed, religion and economic condition and gave all of them gymnastics training free of cost for 23 long years as selfless social service. Dr. U.K. Mishra is the creator of a synergy system between education and sports, which proved to be the crucial factor in the development of world class sports and strong, physically fit, intelligent and empowered citizens. He is the only person in the Indian sports scenario who has made a splendid balance between education and sports to empower the society by merry-blending sports with education as part of the curriculum.

Dr. U.K. Mishra