Established for Sports Persons.

By the National Sports Academy in 2007.


The Academy has founded the first school of its kind, Khelgaon Public School, in the same campus. The school utilizes latest educational developments and technology enhancements worldwide to provide a child with overall development centered around Academics & Curriculum, Gymnastics & Sports, Indian culture etc. thus preserving and enhancing the natural talent of a child and making the student perform at his/her best. The Academy intends to build it into a technical institute over a period of years.

  1. The school specializes in the education of Olympic probables
  2. This is the first school in the country which is providing two periods of sports and one of music to every student every day along with world class education and thus implementing our oriental philosophy of uniting body and mind
  3. The School provides world class education with Indian culture and Universal Human Values
  4. Instilling Indian “Sanskars” and providing value based education to empower students to come out victorious in all situations of life while keeping “Dharm and Character” as the main guiding light of their life