1. SPORTS:-

    Development of Sports & Gymnastics for OLYMPICS Level

    The country has enough talent but for the want of resources to nurture and exploit the talents, we have not been able to win medals at the Olympic level.

    Since 1989, National Sports Academy has taken up the sport of Gymnastics and has achieved an exemplary degree of success at the International and National levels. The National Sports Academy is a well-established organization which has taken up the training of sports in general and Gymnastics in particular to that level of excellence where we can aim for nothing but Olympic victories from the year 2012 onwards. Broad-basing of general and basic Gymnastics has been extensively taken up to provide fitness for all.


    An effective system for education of Olympic aspirants

    The sports person training at The National Sports Academy undergoes 7 hours of regular training with the aim of winning Olympic medals. The Academy has taken the entire responsibility of the education of these aspiring and talented sports persons. This has been possible under an innovative comprehensive educational program developed by the Academy.

    The Academy, over a long period of 22 years, has developed an effective tailor-made education program for Olympic aspirants who have very little time for academic pursuits. This system is geared up to create a congenial atmosphere for the sportsmen to give their best performance without being perturbed by questions concerning their education.

    Education of sports persons in our country is most neglected. By our pioneer effort to bring together sports and education under the banner of the Khelgaon Public School of the National Sports Academy, we endeavor to sharpen the mental skills and physical abilities of Olympic aspirants to enable them to give their best performance in both sports and education.


    Respectable placement and good quality of life to sports persons

    The National Sports Academy champions the cause of the sports persons who have finished their successful and rigorous sporting career and thereafter aspire for a secure and respectable means of livelihood. They are groomed for sports coaching, vocational training or management / computer and I.T. studies so that they can readily face the challenges of their professional life.

    We, at our Academy, will give them training through an effective curriculum so that they step out as confident, enterprising young citizens, capable of and willing to give maximum effort and excel in their fields of occupation. They go out as valuable Human Resources who are welcomed as assets by industrial houses, where they not only enhance the productivity of the industry but also interact at various levels to promote the cause of sports and perpetuate a healthy sports culture in the country.